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The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village 1

Welcome month of July'15.
July is my birthday month, a special month for me which I officially increase 1 year old. T.T

On 1st July, I had my first birthday celebration in 2015. My friends celebrated my birthday in advance at The Daily Grind. Located on the LG Floor of Bangsar Village 1.

 The Entrance

 Cake display in the shelve

When we stepped into restaurant, the decoration and environment was old fashion way with red bricks and sailor feels interior.

From the restaurant name, The Daily Grind Gourmet Burger, I thought they were only selling burgers and side, but I am wrong! Apart from burgers, there are soups, salad, sandwiches, hot dogs, pastas and main courses. 


They make and bottle their sauces. The homemade tomato sauce, you can taste there's tomato purees inside, it taste alike blended tomatoes with some herbs. While the chili sauce taste very mild, not spicy at all. ;)

Mushroom Soup (RM10). We ordered Mushroom Soup as our stater. This creamy soup was thick, very mushroom-ly fragrant with lots of mushroom bits, thumb up. Garlic breads was abit hard, but taste good when dipped with the soup.

Portobello Paleo Burger (RM25). Grilled beef patty w melted cheese, tomatoes and lettuce sandwiched between two grilled portobello. Served w grilled vege batonnets. 

The well grilled portobello was sososo juicyyy and tender! The beef patty was pretty thick and fresh, when you cut the patty, you can see there's some essence flowing out from the meat, so juicy! While the grilled vege was good too, thumb up for the eggplant and carrot.

O'Megal Salmon (RM32). The pan fried salmon steak with a light and tasty sundried tomato sauce, coming with a generous amount of sauteed vege.

 The well pan fried salmon steak was fresh and thick, it taste good with the sundried tomato sauce. The sauteed vege which lays under the salmon steak was good, my friend thumb up for the sauteed carrot.

Lamburgerni (RM28). Grilled lamb patty with smokey tomato sauce, pesto, grilled vege and coming with fries and salad. 

The fresh, tender and absolutely juicy lamb patty topped with grilled eggplant, cucumber and pesto. Super duper like their grilled eggplant and cucumber, flavorful and juicy! The bun was generously buttered and pan fried to fluffy and light crisp. 

The fries was fresh, chunky and crispy, taste even great when eaten with their homemade tomato and chili sauce, it's delicious as comparison with my No.1 favorite fries from Chili's Restaurant!

A meal with never be perfect without desserts! We ordered their signature desserts - Old Fashion Waffle (RM18). The waffles was stuffed with fresh cream and strawberries, coming with Vanilla ice cream and syrup. 

The waffle was above our expectation. It's crispy and topped with icing sugar, goes perfect when eaten with fresh cream and strawberries, whipped some ice cream and poured maple syrups generously on top! It's hot and cold and perfect combination of flavor and texture in a bite. I would say this is a heaven for all the girls! 

This taste alike Shibuya Honey Toast from After You. But still, Shibuya Honey Toast remaining No.1 in my list. LOL

 Red Velvet Cake (RM12)

Officially plus 1 year old in few more days! Between, cake was good and moist, cream was smooth and awesome. =)

Overall, this was a satisfying meal. Quality freshly made burger and decent desserts. But it's slightly pricey for the the serving size, big eater would find it insufficient

Food - 4/5 
Price - 3/5
Service - 2.5/5
Ambiance - 3/5

LG8, Lower Ground Bangsar Village 1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-2287 6708

Daily. 11am - 11pm 

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