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Melaka Food Explore PT 2 - Hotel Puri Melaka, San Shu Gong, Heng Hong Tin Kee Restaurant, Little Kueh Teow

This trip, we stay in Hotel Puri, located just behind Jonker Street. Hotel Puri is a boutique hotel with Peranakan decoration and design. 

 The entrance

Interior design

 Peranakan style tiles

While waiting for me to take picture of those antiques deco... =D

Beside the staircase to our room, they have their own historical room with some photos, pictures and antiques. 

Highly recommends Hotel Puri for Melaka trip as it's strategically located in the heart of old city of Melaka and tourist attraction with reasonable price charge. The room is clean, bright and comfy with full in room facilities. Thumb up.

After checked in and put our luggages in room, lets go to Jonker Street to have some walk.

Beautiful white building located at the opposite of our hotel.

3. San Shu Gong

We decided to have icy cendol since the weather was really hot. We went to San Shu Gong instead of Jonker 88, since Jonker 88's cendol quality has dropped a lot.

Luckily there's no long queue since we pay our visit on Friday. I ordered Durian Cendol while Kenny ordered Gula Melaka Cendol.

Durian Cendol (RM 5.80). Aromatic sweet Gula Melaka mix with durian purees and other ingredients below the fine shaved ice was awesome. Thumb up for their generous ingredients and thick aromatic Gula Melaka. Mix it well before you eat!

Gula Melaka Cendol (RM 5.80). This is without durian purees. Kenny thumbed up for this cendol.

Among Jonker Street, I would pay my visit here for cendol craving as everything in the bowl was great! Not to forget to drink their Kamquat juice and white coffee too! 

No.33, Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka.

Tel : 06-282 8381

Daily. 10am till 10pm 

4. Heng Hong Tin Kee Restaurant

We passed by here when bought Putu Piring @ Jalan Tengkera. This restaurant is located at the same row, not far away from Jalan Tengkera Putu Piring.  Heng Hong Tin Kee Restaurant is running by Hainanese old uncle which selling traditional Hainanese and Malacca dishes... Not to forget they are selling homemade Hainanese bread loaf too!

We saw this restaurant was crowded during weekend and public holiday last time. Since there's no need to queue today, we decided to have our early dinner here!

Simple, tradition and oldies style restaurant. The boss here recommended us to try their signature Hainanese Herbs Mutton Soup and Hainanese Lotus Leaf Chicken, but we were quite full after ate some putu piring.. Thus, we ordered Mutton Soup and Oyster Omelette. The boss was considerate enough as he prepared small portion for both dishes since only both of us LOL. 

Hainanese Herbs Mutton Soup (RM 15 for small portion; RM 25 for average; RM 38 for large). Broth with generous of stewed mutton, tau pok, fu zuk and herbs. 

This soup WAO us! The soup was thick, yet it taste refreshing and so yum! Can taste the essence of stewed mutton and herbs! While stewed mutton was so tender and taste great eaten with the homemade chili sauce provided. The tau pok was another OMPH... It absorbed the soup and taste awesome when you bite it and soup exploded in mouth.

Oyster Omelette (RM 8 for small; RM 12 for medium; RM 18 for large). Omelette filling with small oysters. The omelette was tender and just nice thickness while oysters was fresh. Thumb up!

Their chili sauce taste sour and spicy. I wondering if any kumquat (lime) was added inside.

Overall, we were satisfied with this 2 dishes. The Hainanese Mutton Herb Soup was a hearty old traditional cuisine but rarely can be found nowadays. =( Not to forget order their lime juice (kamquat) which is refreshing and you can eat the marinated kumquat in the juice!

Having meal here makes me feel comfy and homey because all the dishes cooked by an old uncle and lady boss taste home cooked, without MSG. The boss was friendly and chat with us while we were having our meal. Definitely will come back again. =D

62, Jalan Tengkera, Melaka, 75300

Tel : 06-282 8381

Daily. 11am till 10pm (till late)

5. Little Kueh Teow 粿條仔

The night was still young after we walked around Jonker Night Market. The purpose of travel is explores and eat! Hence, we have our late dinner/supper at Little Kueh Teow @ Melaka Raya.

Little Kueh Teow is operate from 6pm till 4am. Thus, it's a good place to have some light meal for supper or after club.

 The Menu

Kuey Teow Soup (RM 1.50 for small; RM 3 for big). I ordered a small portion while Kenny the hungry one ordered big portion.. HAHA! The noodles was smooth and slides into my throat easily. 

DA LANG! Braised dishes!

Fried pork meat ball (RM 0.90 per ball). This is a MUST ORDER. It's crispy outside yet tender and quite springy inside. Both of us taste that this pork meat ball was quite taste alike traditional fried fish ball.

Braised Duck (RM 6 small portion). Well braised and flavorful but the duck meat itself was a little bit hard instead of tender.

Braised pork intestine (RM 6 for small portion). Their pork intestine was well clean and processed. We thumbed up for this well braised pork intestine which was flavorful, tender and chewy. A MUST ORDER if you are a pork intestine lover!

Braised tofu & egg (RM 1 each). Love the braised tofu..! 

Braised Pork Belly (RM 6 for small portion). The fats melted in my mouth once I bite it! The meat was tender and flavorful! Traditional type! Nice!

The food here was good. The price and portion here was reasonable and cheap. A good place to have dinner and supper in Melaka. 

Jalan Melaka Raya 8, Melaka Raya, 75000, Melaka.

Daily. 6pm till 4am 

(Close on Monday)

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