Monday, 27 July 2015

Johor Trip PT 2 - Jalan Skudai Kuay Teow Zai & Legoland

Day 2

We kicked start our Day 2 at famous local Kuay Teow Zai, located at Jln Skudai,JB.

We reached here around 10am and guess what?? It's crowded with locals and we have to wait for empty table.

Mind that please order your food at the stall. We ordered mixed plate of braised stuffs and kuay teow soup since we wanted to try each type of the food. The staff owner told us we have to wait for an hour!

Look at all these type of braised stuffs! So tempting! 

 Homey style cooking!

After we waited for almost an hour..... Here comes our food! Drooling... The owner was considerate enough as she served every type of the braised stuffs in small portion!

Kuay Teow Soup. The uneven shape of kuay teow was smooth and ricely fragrant. Nice!

Braised tofu, egg and homemade sausage. Well braised and taste traditionally. Thumb up. 

Braised chicken feet and tofu skin roll. Chicken feet was well braised and soft. 

Braised pork belly and pig skin. Braised pig skin was awesome! Chewy and taste alike hard jelly. Good for lady because of it's collagen. While the braised pork belly taste traditional and oldies type, once bite and the fats melted in mouth.

Braised pork intestines and stomach. My favorite! The intestine was well cleaned and braised. I can finish 2 plates by myself!

Preserved vege. Soft, slightly salty and sour.

This meal only cost us RM23 (included 3 barley drinks),  and reasonable pricing and delicious food! I will definitely come here again on my next visit. 

Jalan Tasek, JB. (Opposite Maybank Jln Skudai, Danga Bay)

Opening hour:
7.30am till finished 

Explored to Legoland and it's theme hotel after heavy breakfast!

We were WAO when entered into Legoland Hotel. So amazing! Giant size lego displays and carpet! The most basic and lowest fare per night costs around RM 1,200.00!

Stay tuned for my next Johor Trip posts!

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