Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Melaka Food Explore PT 1 - Huang Chang Chicken Rice, Tai-T Confectionery

Here we are at Melaka again! My birthday trip to Malacca for 2D1N. This time we choose some local shop that we never been there before.

1. Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant

We arrive Malacca around 2.30pm and settle our lunchie at this local well known Chicken Rice restaurant, located at Taman Melaka Baru. 

We were lucky that there's no crowd, perhaps because of we went on Friday instead of Public holiday or weekend. Here, you need to order and pay for your food before seat. They are only selling rice ball (No normal rice) and steamed chicken (No roasted chicken) here. We ordered half steamed chicken and 15 pcs rice ball. 

Half steamed chicken (RM12.50). Chicken was soft and smooth, not oily at all. The soy sauce was slightly sweet and salty, taste great when dipped and eaten with chicken.

Rice ball (RM 0.20/ball). Taste decent and heavenly! It's fragrant, nicely seasoned and firm to bite! Me alone eaten 8 pcs rice ball dipped with black soy sauce and their homemade chili sauce. Their rice ball was smaller if compared to those famous one in Jonker Street.  

We love the chicken rice balls and chili sauce here, chicken was okay. The steamed chicken price here was much more reasonable and cheaper than Jonker Street one. Worth mentioning that their homemade chili sauce was awesome! Worth a short drive (around 15mins from Jonker Street) to here for all the Chicken Rice Ball lover!

BB-376, Taman Melaka Baru, Batu Brendam, Melaka, 75350.

Tel : 06-317 0299


Daily. 6.45am till 3pm ( or till finish selling) 
( Close on Thursdays )

2. Tai-T Confectionery Bakery 

A 40 plus years old traditional confectionery running by a Hainanese lady boss which selling cakes, breads and pastries in traditional way and taste. This shop is my MUST VISIT cake shop when i pay my visit to Melaka!

The bakery exterior and interior was so traditional and oldies. 

 Butter cakes (RM 7.50)

Suji Cake/ Muffin Cake (RM 7.50)

 Fruit cake (RM 8.50)

We bought some Traditional Gai Dan Gou, Kaya Puff and Pandan Swiss Roll. 

Gai Dan Gou (RM 1.20 each). This traditional cake was sososo fluffy and dense, smells and taste great.

Kaya Puff (RM 1.50). Fluffy and aromatic crust, which slightly firm if compare to those crusty type. The kaya inside the crust was awesome, just nice sweetness and fragrant.

Pandan Swiss Roll ( RM 7). Wrapping by a sheet of parchment paper. Aromatic fluffy and soft Pandan flavour cake with just nice portion of whipped cream spread. A perfect mixture of sweet (cake) and savory (whipped cream). A heavenly taste of tradition.

Media Press.

No 35, Jalan Bendahara, Melaka, 75100.

Tel : 06-282 4039

Daily. 10am till 8pm

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