Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Melaka Food Explore PT 3 - Buffet Breakfast@Hotel Puri, 黄祥威饼家, Klebang Coconut Shake

Woke up in the morning and had our complimentary buffet breakfast! 

 Hotel Puri Cafe

The interior design of cafe is simple, tradition and oldies type. We choose outdoor seat at the garden to have some fresh breeze.

There was delicious pipping hot scrambled egg and fried egg cook upon order.

The buffet breakfast has quite reasonable varieties to choose from... Breads and cakes, Cocktail sausage, Hash Brown, Bread pudding, Fried Mee, etc.. They were delicious!

 Breads and curry puffs

 Sunny side egg with toast


After fulfilled our stomach with yummy breakfast, we checked out hotel and explored some heritage streets nearby Jonker Street.

6. 黄祥威饼家

Da Lang! We found this shop that's selling traditional Chinese biscuits in traditional way during our exploration.

Every decoration and displays was so oldies which hardly can be found in the city nowadays. They were selling Heong Peng, Kong Soh Peng, Sesame Stick, Candy Biscuits, Peanuts Candy etc.


Bought Traditional Peanut Candy (Gong Tong) (RM 3.00), Gula Tarik (RM 3.00), Gong Soh Peng (RM1.50) & Steamed Soft Cake Biscuits (RM4).

Everything taste so traditional and rough, rather than fine processed food. Gong Soh Biscuits was powdery, sweet and soft cake type biscuits, I like this. 

Gula Tarik was made from Gula Melaka, coconut and sesame. It's sweet and chewy. Try to pull it as long as you can while you eating!

Steamed Soft Cake biscuits was special. The soft steamed soft cake covered with a layer of biscuits. Crispy, soft, chewy and sweet in a bite.

Traditional Peanut Candy was awesome. One of my childhood favorite snack! The powdery, flaky and sweet peanuts candy melted in my mouth once i bite it. Thumb up.

8, Jalan Hang Lekiu, Melaka.
Tel: 06-284 2479

Hours:Daily. 10am - 8pm

7. Herbal tea in front of Chinese Temple

It's heaven to drink icy herbal tea under on super hot sunny weather! We ordered Water Chestnuts and sugar cane. Only cost RM1.50 per packet.

Wefie at heritage street before leaving Melaka town.

8. Klebang Coconut Shake

We dropped by the famous Klebang Coconut Shake before leaving Melaka. It's so crowded, luckily we managed to secure a table.

Coconut Shake Biasa (RM1.80). Chilling coconut shake topped with a scope of Vanilla Ice Cream which blended by Coconut water with flesh, ice and Wall's Vanilla Ice Cream. Taste refreshing and sweet. 


Nasi Lemak (RM1.50). A small pack of nasi lemak served with some sambal and a piece of hard boiled egg. The rice was fragrant while sambal was awesomely hot and spicy. But the portion was very small as you can finish the whole pack nasi lemak in few spoon.

Mee Goreng (RM1.30). Typical Malay style mee goreng. Taste okay.

Lekor (RM 1.00 for 3 pcs).  My all time favourite. Crispy chewy grayish fish sausage eaten with their homemade chilli. The Chilli sauce was a bit too thick, taste odd. Prefer to eat lekor only without the chili sauce.

Overall, the coconut shake and food here was average, maybe we were too high expectation since they were so famous. Anyhow, I won't hesitate to come here again for coconut shake and lekor on my next visit to Melaka.

Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200, Melaka.
Tel: 013-399 4061

Daily. 12.30noon - 6.30pm

Friday. 2pm - 6.30pm

 Say Bye to Pantai Klebang before heading back to KL.

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