Monday, 11 May 2015

Malacca Trip on Labour Day PT 4 - Studthuys & St Paul Hill

Day 2
In the early morning, we planned to have Chicken Rice Ball as breakfast... But everywhere was packed and queued with people... Thus, we headed to St. Paul Hill before Dataran Pahlawan to have some walk and eat. We bough this cendol to reload some energy which located right opposite St. Paul Hill before start our sightseeing!

Cendol (RM 2.50 each)
This is my favourite cendol in Malacca. It's gula Melaka was thick, sweet and fragrant. Inside the cendol got pulut (glutinuous rice), creamed corn, red bean and green noodles. Feel so good to have a nice cendol under sunny hot weather. =D
Let's go for some sightseeing!
Stadthuys Melaka
 OTW to hill top of St Paul Hill

 Nice view

Selfie! =)


Passed through the St Paul hill, we reached Dataran Pahlawan, we have some walk and find a restaurant and eat, but not much choices, ended up with KFC. =.= After lunch, we walked to Plaza Mahkota for Nadaje Café but ended up with super long queue... PHIEWWWW... The power of holiday... we decided to leave and go back to Jonker Street.
Since Jonker 88  queue was so long, much more longer than yesterday when we were here. Thus, why not we give a try to the shop beside Jonker 88?
 ABC (RM4)
 Cendol RM4)
 Wantan Noodles (RM5)
Asam Laksa (RM5)
I would say their Cendol was below average, gula Melaka was not as thick as Jonker 88, San Su Gong and the stall opposite St. Paul Hill, the coconut milk is not fragrant and shaved ice was rough. I didn't finish this cendol as it's really disappointing.
Laksa and Wantan Noodles both were salty. The Laksa was warm and fu chuk not nice at all. While Wantan Noodles was normal. Totally disappointing. To be frank, I can have a better Laksa in KL night market.
Everywhere was so packed and long queue in Malacca Town, thus we left earlier after bough some biscuits as souvenirs back to KL.
Time back to reality! LOL

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