Friday, 8 May 2015

Malacca Trip on Labour Day PT 2 - Noodles Stall & Putu Piring Jalan Tengkera

We were so full after our heavy brunch and desserts. Thus, we decided to walk around Jonker Street to digest a bit before heading to our next station - Putu Piring Jln Tengkera. Most of the shops and stalls on Jonker Street are selling the same thing (souvenirs, decorations, clothes, biscuits, drinks etc). Since it's only 5pm after some walk at Jonker Street, and YEAP.. we decided to 'jalan kaki' (walked) to Jln Tengkera!

The beauty of travel is walking around and exploring the city. There's always hidden gem you will unexpectedly find it! 

Along the road we were walking, there's a lot unique Peranakan style shoplots. It's only 5.30pm when we were nearby the place selling putu piring.. It's not yet open! So, we decided to have a drinks and rest while waiting for my favourite putu piring stall open. =D

I choose a shop there's without any signboard, but many locals walked in.


Here, they are selling noodles, porridge, rice, braised chicken leg etc. We ordered a small portion Pan Mee to share. When my Pan Mee arrived, the portion was quite big, topping with fried ikan bilis, vege, pork and fried shallots. This is a homey style Pan Mee. Soup is light, boiled with ikan bilis, can taste that it's without MSG. The pork was tender and I like the Pan Mee texture. They don't have the typical blended chilli sauce here, only chilli slice and soy sauce provided.

 Panmee (RM 4 - small ; RM 4.50 - big)

Other than rice & noodles, they are selling homey style desserts too, 3 option - White fungus w dried longan and red dates, red bean soup and peanut soup at RM 1.50 each bowl.

White fungus w dry longan & red dates (RM 1.50). Thumb up.

When we ready to pay the bill, we expect it should be around RM 10. Surprisingly, it only cost RM 7.50 ( 1 pan mee, 1 desserts, 2 herbal tea), this kind of low price is hardly can be found anywhere nowadays.

 The right hand side view along Jln Tengkera from this shop

The left hand side view along Jln Tengkera from this shop
Food - 3.5/5
Price - 5/5
Service - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 2.5/5

Jalan Tengkera,75250 Melaka.
(It's located at LEFT side of Jalan Tengkera, before go straight to another row of shop lot which selling Putu Piring. Refer to the picture above of right & left hand side view of this shop.)

Daily. 4.30pm till 11pm.
(Close on Tuesday)

6.05pm - Putu Piring Jln Tengkera

After our food marathon, we walked 5 mins distance to this famous putu piring stall. They start business at 6pm and unexpectedly we got No.15 token at 6.05pm.  =.=

Putu Piring is a steamed rice cake with a centre of Gula Melaka filling, in the shape of plate. It's placed on a banana leaf and young grated coconut between them.

When we reached there, take a number chip and write the quantity we want to order on the paper provided. Then we were waiting in front of the stall and watched the making of Putu Piring process. They are so systematic as they work as a team to prepare, steam and pack.


RM 1.10 per piece
It's so gooooddd! It's pillowy fluffy, stuffed with generous portion of aromatic good quality gula Melaka, the rice flour was so aromatic. It taste so perfect when gula Melaka + aromatic rice flour + slightly salty young grated coconut!! The portion is quite large, it's best eaten when it's still hot/warm.
From RM 0.80 increased till RM 1.10, I am still coming back everytime when I visited Melacca, it's too hard to resist!!  It's definitely a MUST EAT when visit to Malacca and I can say this is the best Putu Piring I have eaten so far!

**Come earlier to avoid long queue or sold out!

Food - 5/5
Price - 3.5/5
Service - Self Service
Ambiance - On the go

No.252, Jalan Tengkera,75250 Melaka.
(Located beside the pet shop)
Monday - Saturday : 6pm - 10pm
(Close on Sunday)


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