Monday, 11 January 2016

Universal Studio Singapore Christmas 2015

While munching delicious fried food and chit chatting... We were finally arrived Sentosa after an hour drive journey!

Parked our car at Resort World Singapore. Before enter into Universal Studio Singapore Theme Park, we exploring those fancy designed shop and took some photos.

Cinderella Glass Heel!

Photo with the USS Globe

 Entered into USS!

HUGE Books!

USS was congested which expected since it's Christmas that day!

 Police car. Seems familiar?

 Sesame street

 Part of our wefie 

 Wefie on Sesame Street

 Road Sign! Don't get lost!

Here we reach New York Theme Park! Cant resist to take a lot of photos here! It's so amazing! 

The New York street which fulfilling with oldies shop!

 Fresh seafood anyone?

Gotham Ice Company!

 Sci Fi City

 We had 2 hours queue for the HUMAN Ride. Exhausting.

The palace!

Egypt Theme Park. So real... except they don't have pyramid here!

 Jurassic Park!!! It's almost 8pm when we were here!

 Food Court! The renovation and deco inside seems so alike from Jurassic Park movie!

The lamp that we watched in Jurassic Park.

Amazing feel

Kenny ordered Steamed Chicken Rice w Desserts Set ($13.90). Chicken was smooth and rice was fragrant. Acar was good too.

Curry Laksa w Desserts Set ($13.90). Non spicy curry laksa soup with my beloved thick meehon. SLURP! In curry laksa soup, there's fresh prawn, fried bean curd, tauge and fish cake slice. Unexpectedly delicious!

While desserts of that day was jelly. It's quite chewy, alike Konyaku.. and it's not sweet at all, taste plain, healthy!

After dinner, we went to Jurassic Park's souvenir shop and have a look. Nothing much interesting except a machine placing at the entrance! It's Coin Machine! There's 5 patterns to choose from, once you decided your preference, roll the handle until the coin produced. 


Last stop - Far Far Away Castle

Fairy tales entrance

Coach that only exist in fairy tales


Magic Portion Juice Bar

We visited all the theme around 9pm. Some dancing show by Minions, Marilyn Monroe and Toy Soldiers.

Most exciting part of the day before we end our USS visit... Fireworks!

Video of USS Christmas Fireworks 2015

We enjoy our Christmas with USS and definitely one of our amazing wonderful memory and Christmas. Hopefully by chance we will pay another visit to USS again! =D

Singapore & JB Christmas Trip 2015:

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