Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Restaurant Soon Kee @ Teluk Intan, Perak

Visited grandpa at Teluk Intan, miss him badly! Grandpa seems older, promised him I will go back to visit him when there's holiday! 

After chit chat and busy body around, it's dinner time! Previously we used to go Restaurant Man Chong or Sze Chuan for dinner. Uncle decided to try new place -Restaurant Soon Kee, to have our dinner tonight.

The restaurant is simple renovated, it's alike a hall and fill up with table when customers arrive. We were serving by their delicious homemade popcorn while waiting for our dishes to arrive.

Claypot Tofu with Minced Meat. Tofu, minced meat, mushroom and gravy on top of a layer of egg. Ordinary yet delicious.

Steamed Fish Head in Teow Chew Style. The fish head was definitely fresh and the soy sauce was aromatic with balance of sweetness and salty.

Claypot Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber with Vege. Generous portion of broccoli, carrot and assorted mushrooms added some sweetness to the gravy.  Fish maw absorbed the scrumptious gravy and sea cucumber was chewy.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Crispy deep fried pork was too small pieces, while the sauce was slightly too sweet.

Deep fried fish fillet. Fresh fish cut into fillet and deep fried. A simple homemade dish. Absolutely crispy and delicious when eaten with their homemade chili sauce. Note that there's some tiny fish bone in fish fillet, so be careful when eating this.

Stir fried cucumber with dried shrimp. Refreshing, crunchy and aromatic. Taste of home.

Kam Heong Mantis Prawn. Crunchy mantis prawn with aromatic spicy Kam Heong sauce. Taste wise.

Desserts time! Pancake with lotus paste. This is awesome, it's as delicious as those fancy restaurant in KL!

Food - 3.5/5
Price - 4/5 
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 3/5

Simpang Empat, Hutan Melintang, Teluk Intan, Perak.

11am till 10pm

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