Saturday, 26 September 2015

MOO-KATA Steamboat & BBQ House @ Kuchai Lama Food Court

Last week, we gang of people were here to celebrate our colleagues birthday! 

Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House is located inside Kuchai Lama Food Court, serves over 120 types of fresh seafood, skewers, meat, noodles, fried and cooked Chinese food, desserts, ice cream and fruits. Eat all you can without time limit for RM45 per person.

We choose open air seats to avoid hot and stuffy. With 3 different type of cooking ways between Charcoal BBQ, Sizzling Hot Plate and Steamboat, each person is entitled to choose one type according to your preference. For example, if 2 person, entitled for 2 type, extra charge RM5 if you want all 3 different type cooking way.  

Worth mentioning that they are using charcoal to BBQ, sizzling and even steamboat. Besides, according to their staff, their steamboat pork bone soup is made of 210 kg pork bone and 170 liters of water.

Charcoal BBQ

Sizzling Plate

Steamboat pot

Assorted sticks of marinated (Honey, Curry, Black Pepper & Teriyaki) skewers of the choice chicken, pork, lamb and beef.

Marinated chicken, lamb, beef and pork slices. Not to forget their pandan chicken! It tastes real good!

Assorted shells

Assorted seafood. Clams, mussels, lala, bamboo clams, prawns, crabs etc.

Assorted fresh fish slices. Stringray taste soso. 

Assorted fishballs, seafood tofu etc.

Fresh meat slices. Beside is butter and lard for BBQ and sizzling plate.

Curry fishball and herbal egg.


Ice cream and durian desserts

Shaved ice!!! Favourite!

Iced ribena, lemon tea, teh tarik, coffee etc. Taste odds. Teh tarik was way too sweet.  =(

Sauces to choose from...

Pork bone soup & Clear Tomyum soup add on your own.


BBQ skewer. Taste alright. Alike satay but it's not as juicy and perfect proportion as satay. SOSO.

BBQ prawns, seafoods and pandan chicken. I have to mention that I BBQ-ed their pandan chicken the most, it taste real good! Tender, juicy and fragrant with pandan flavour. Yum!

Sizzling prawn with butter. Fresh prawn!


Sizzling mussels, scallops and squids! Brilliant idea of removed the shells and sizzling those flesh directly!

I love and gonna miss this!

We didn't take much cooked food since they only served fried rice & noodles, curry chicken and fried stuffs. I would ignore this area because it ain't taste good.

Our overall conclusion:

  • Seafood. Wide varieties but freshness is not up to par. 
  • Marinated skewers and meat slices. Prefer honey and black pepper flavour pork and lamb. Small slices, fresh but not juicy. Barely can see any fats on the meat, not OMPH.
  • Desserts. Taste alright. I love their smooth shaved ice!
  • Beverages. Definately a NONO. Most of the beverages taste odd, either too plain or sweet. We paid extra to get ourselves 100 PLUS, COLA and juices. =(

Service here was kinda helpful since we went on weekday and kinda empty. The ambiance here was normal and all of us were sweat and sticky although we opted open air seat. Much more prefer Happy City BBQ Steamboat Restaurant.

Will  come back for another visit? Maybe once in a blue moon.



Food : 2/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: Mainly self service.
Ambiance: 2.5/5

Lot 31208, Jalan Awam Makmur, Off Jalan Klang Lama, KL, Malaysia. ( Opposite police station)

011- 3336 1105

Daily. 5.30pm till 1am

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