Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pork Knuckle Rice @ Alley Opposite Shibuya 19 Shopping Mall

My must go back pork knuckle rice spot when I travel to Bangkok! I mentioned this stall on my previous (post) but this is a detailed one!

 Located in the alley beside Platinum Mall / opposite Shibuya 19 Shopping Mall.

There's many other food stall in this alley too!

 This is the pork knuckle rice stall I talked about 😋

 Pork knuckle rice w.i.p

 Big bowl of yummy pork knuckle.

 Braised egg and pig intestine.

Pork Knuckle Rice (60 Baht). Plate of rice topped with generous portion of pork knuckle meat and savory gravy, side with braised egg (we get an over cooked on this visit😥) and vege.

Roselle drinks with crushed ice. Taste refreshing especially under hot weather.

 Friendly stall owner.

Personally I like this pork knuckle rice as their pork meat was tender and flavorful. You can stop by and give a try if you are nearby! 😀


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