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Isetan The Japan Store @ Lot 10,KL

Currently, there's only two Isetan The Japan Store in the world, the first one is in Paris while the another one is finally opening @ LOT 10 Kuala Lumpur at 27th Oct 2016.

 Kenny and I paid our visit to this brand new Isetan The Japan Store last Sunday. My second visit was friend gathering this Thursday. Hereby, I would like to combine my both visits into this post.

Each floor is designed with different experience and appeal:
LGF:The Market – experience the seasonal flavor
GF: The Museum – experience the ultimate japan
1F: The Studio – experience the fashion live
2F: The Room – experience the grateful lifestyle
3F: The Cube – experience the inspiring culture
4F: Restaurant,COMING SOON

We entered Isetan The Japan Store through 2nd floor, this new concept store designed and ambiance was so much different compared to last time, feel so cozy and classy which tightly associated with Japanese culture to detail.

2F The Room

A more philosophical approach. A masterful collection of made in Japan products featuring authentic Japanese materials in tune with technology and a new take on health and beauty.

This floor carries the beauty & well being, one of my favorite salon - 76 Style Total Beauty Salon & lifestyle shop.

Ukafe located at left side of 2F entrance.

Masterful collection of well known Japanese skin care and cosmetic - Albion, SK-II, Shiseido, Decorte and Three.



Beautiful,fine and artful living/personal goods.


1F The Studio

Japan's vibrant fashion culture with 3 themes - Street, Mode, Fantasy & Find Japan. Features a lot casual,street wear & craftsmanship specially curated selection of the best next-generation Japanese fashion designers.

Mode - Men's Mode/ Women Mode, Mode Accessories, Number Twenty-One

Street - Mastermind World, Porter, Undercover, G-Shock, Ambush, Y-3, Onitsuka Tiger etc

Find Japan - Here you'll find items and clothing from all over Japan. Each of 46 prefectures consisting Japan has their very own culture and aesthetic unique to themselves.

Fantasy - Place for manga and animate fans.

Sailor Moon x QPOT

GF - The Museum

Fashion, WA-Curation, Technology

Fashion - Features high street brand of fashion by COMME des GARCONS POCKET, Yohji Yamamoto, WAA-WAA, Japan Eyewear KIMPODO etc

Love this premium headphone!

Stunning installation evoking Japan's four seasons produced in collaboration with Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane and Chiso, a Kyoto-based master of traditional yuzen resist paste dying techniques. A must-see for any fan of Japanese culture.

Handmade Iphone Case by Japanese well known artist which cost RM9,000.00!

Enchan-The Japan

LGF - The Market

Shuseki, Chaseki, Washoku Style, Bakery, Noren Counter, Sweets, Perishable and Technology for Food

The floor which attracted us the most! Traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi, noodles. Hardly to believe that I am not in Japan!

Unique dining style highlighting authentic Japanese flavors and reflecting the elegance of the changing seasons. Each zone offers its own curated eat-in dining spaces with plenty to try.

Matcha Bar from Kyoto's Fukujuen

 Minamoto Kitchoan

 Can you believe this is a huge cookie??

 Smaller size are available too

Artful Japanese packaging

There are a few bar seating eateries such as Kinobu (traditional Kyoto-style cuisine), Sobaya Shige (soba/udon),Ginza Hagaten (tempura), Yakitori Hanabi, Meat Master Tamara and Sushi Shoya.

When the first time I were here with Kenny, they sold out their noodles around 4pm! My 2nd visit on weekday, my friends and I choose udon & soba for dinner at Sobaya Shige.

Japanese noodles chef cook their handmade soba & udon skillfully.


Choose your preference set and noodles (HOT soup or Cold dipping sauce) and pay at their counter before proceed to your seat.

Fresh handmade soba & udon

Watched how soba made process while waiting for our meal arrives.

Duck Udon Set Meal (RM31). Bowl of noodles coming with Inari Sushi, pickles and green tea. 

I choose Udon with hot soup! Generous portion of duck slices and duck meat balls. Love the udon texture! The rice for Inari sushi was added golden sesame, taste refreshing!

Kakiage Soba Set Meal (RM26). Soba was delicious while chopped vege tempura taste wise.

Ebi Tempura Udon (RM28). Tempura was so crunchy! We love it!

Conclusion for our dinner, thumb up!

Award winning pastries from Henri Chapentier, from Ashiya since 1969.

Japanese pastry chef on the process to finish their Signature Strawberry Shortcake.


Strawberry Shortcake (RM21.20). Homemade shortcake layered with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. A must order for cake lover! 

Cream was so smooth and directly melted in our mouth! Shortcake was tender. Well combination!

Pudding Choux (RM10.60). Combination of cream puff with pudding. Choux pastry is filled with custard cream, then covered with sponge cake, and then a generous portion of pudding is boldly placed on top.

Conclusion, another thumb up for their cake and pastry!

Kinobu, fine dining from Kyoto. Traditional Japanese cuisine in 7 course.

Frozen Seafood!

Sushi counter

Fresh sushi set

Fresh sashimi

Kenny and I shared a sushi set (RM20.80). Fresh ingredient!

Onigiri rice ball! My favorite!

Bought 2 Onigiri rice ball! Dried Bonito Flakes & Kelp (RM5 each). Yummy! 1 Onigiri rice ball is enough for a meal, with green tea together!


Jelly with Azuki Bean inside.

Sol Levante Bakery. Biggest bakery in Japan.

Bread made from Japan flour.

Fresh seasonal perishable product air flown from Japan, such as fruits and vegetables.

 Juice and ice cream are available too.

 Tech food.

Last but not least, bought a piece of sweet potato (RM12/ piece) for dinner.

 Taste wise.

I would like to spend my whole weekend here! Discover the imaginative experience fully activating your five senses, through your eyes to taste.

Lot 10, 50 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
Tel: 03 2382 7777

Daily  (11am - 9pm)

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