Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ah Heng Food Coner @ Jalan Tiong Nam,Chow Kit

Ah Heng Food Corner which was a hidden gem at a quiet alley off Jalan Tiong Nam, serving traditional home cooked Chinese dishes. They were famous with their Signature White Pepper Pig Stomach Soup, Pork Trotters in Dark Vinegar Sauce, Mui Choy with 3 Layers Pork, Braised Pork Intestine & Claypot Chicken in Rice Wine.

Menu was displayed on board =)

You can place your order at the stall front or staff will take order after settling down into your seat.

The braising pot with all the braised goodies... Slurpssss... Can smell the attractive white pepper pig stomach soup when passing by!

Serving speed was kinda fast! Our food has arrived!

We ordered White pepper pig stomach soup, Claypot chicken with rice wine, Claypot chicken fried with sesame oil, Curry Chicken, Mui Choy with 3 layers pork, braised egg & Blanched vegetables.

White pepper pig stomach soup (2 ppl portion) (RM 18). This is the main reason why we were here! Hot and peppery soup with chewy thick strips of pork stomach and chicken feet. 

Best savor while it's still warm. Not to forget the pepper soup is REFILLABLE! Prepare to sweat!

Claypot chicken fried with sesame oil (2 ppl portion) (RM24). Sesame oil (Ma Yau) was aromatic but it could be better if slightly more rich and flavorsome. Chicken was tender.

Claypot chicken with rice wine (2 ppl portion) (RM 24). It was so so so delicious!!! Rich and flavorsome rice wine with a punch of gingers, black fungus and tender chicken. Do not miss this order if you are rice wine chicken fans!

Curry chicken ( 2 ppl portion) (RM 14). Rich and flavorful curry chicken. Personally I like the big cutting size of potato. Nothing to complaint about this dish.

Mui Choy braised with 3 layers pork. (1 ppl portion) (RM 6). Rich and intense flavor with perfect combination of the fats of the pork. Taste of traditional.

Braised egg (RM1/egg). The egg absorbed the rich flavor of dark soy sauce! Yum!

This meal cost RM113.30 for 6 adults included rice and herbal tea which I think the price was fair enough considering the portion size and five meat dishes. I would say this is a MUST COME place for who 's interested in this type of traditional Chinese food.

Food - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 1.5/5 (Roadside or coffee shop)

2-10, Lorong Tiong Nam 3, Chow Kit, 50350, KL
Tel : 016-9569353

Daily. 5.30pm till 12.30am.

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