Tuesday, 9 June 2015

BKK Trip Part 4 - Breakfast Spots @ Pratunam, Bangkok

A quality and yummy breakfast to kick start the day, especially when having a trip, is awesome. The following local breakfast spots was discovered during my last BKK Trip, hopefully you guys will like it as well! ;)

1. The alley beside Pratunam Morning Market, beside Citin Pratunam Hotel

There's many small food stalls inside this alley selling varieties of noodles, mixed rice, pork knuckle rice, traditional kuih and drinks.
We opted a open air noodles stall. Kenny choose Tomyum Noodles while I ordered Chicken Soup Rice Noodles. On the table, there's chilli flakes, peanut, sugar, chilli etc for customer own seasoning.

Tomyum Soup Noodles (40THB). It's non spicy, taste sour. Chicken slices was tender. Taste ordinary.

 Chicken Soup Rice Noodles (40THB). Chicken soup with rice noodles, drumstick, vege and fried shallots. Soup was spicy and strong black pepper taste. Chicken drumstick was tender and smooth rice noodles. Thumb up.

2. Food street in front of Pantip Plaza (Closed)

This food street was just right infront A&W Pantip Plaza, beside Platinum Fashion Mall. Stall here were mainly selling street foods - BBQ Pork, Deep fried stuffs, noodles, Pork knuckle rice, fruits etc. Customer here were mainly local take away. Stalls here were in rotation of morning till afternoon and night shift.


Pork Knuckle Rice (60THB). Rice served with pork knuckle, vege, egg and preserved vege. The rice texture and flavour was enriched with the brown sauce, pork knuckle meat was tender and fats melted in my mouth.. But the egg was...overcooked.

Preserved vege is a must to pork knuckle rice, yum! Preserved vege, chilli, onion and Thai Chilli sauce were placing in front of the stall, do add on our own. ;)

Note that you have to stand and eat this piping hot rice or take away because there's no table and chair provided. Come earlier ( before 11am) to avoid disappointment because this is selling fast.

BBQ Pork (10THB). THE BEST BBQ PORK I EVER ATE IN BKK. Tender, juicy, perfect proportion of fats and meat and the sauce was just nice! Strongly recommended.

3. The alley beside Platinum Fashion Mall ( Opposite Khao Tha-Lu Champorn Coffee Shop) 

Read my updated detailed post (2017) here

Soft Drinks served with cute small cup

Pork Knuckle Rice ( 60THB ). Generous amount of pork knuckle on top of the rice with fragrant brown sauce. Pork knuckle meat was juicy, tender and flavorful, served with soft boiled braised duck egg was a plus point.
This stall doesn't provide preserved vege, but still I am much more prefer this stall. The braised duck egg was super tasty! We actually came back to this stall several days for this rice as our breakfast or brunch! LOL

Khao Tha-Lu - Green Tea Latte (79 THB)

Kenny bought Green Tea Latte from the small café opposite this little stall. Taste awesome. Well balanced of green tea and milk and not too sweet. It's a pleasure to have cold drinks during super hot weather in BKK!

4. Alley opposite famous Pratunam Wan Tan Noodles

This alley was located opposite the famous Pratunam Wan Tan Noodles shop / First Hotel, beside 7-11. You will see a fried banana stall outside of this alley. Stalls in this food alley was selling varieties of noodles, mixed rice, porridge, pork knuckle rice and drinks.

Pork noodles ( 40 THB). Glass noodles soup with strong spicy pepper taste, served with fresh and tender pork and pork blood cubes. Nice!

WanTan Noodles (50 THB). Springy egg noodles topping with Char Siu, wonton, chilli and chilli flakes. Taste ordinary.

Thai Tea & Thai Milk Tea ( 25 THB each). Taste below average. Too sweet and milky for my own preference. Barely can taste the tea flavour.

During this trip, Pork Knuckle Rice was my favourite breakfast feast in BKK. I know it's a heavy meal in the morning, but who cares! It's so yummy and fuelled up my energy to explore BKK! Do drop your comment to recommend your prefer breakfast spot in BKK! ;)

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