Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Royal Project Foundation Store @ Don Mueang International Airport

The Royal Project Foundation was initiated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to improve the livelihoods of Thai highland communities replacing opium for the fruits, coffee & tea, and vegetables. When there's fruits from plantation, Thai highland communities will process their gains into products and selling at The Royal Project Shop.  

Thus, The Royal Project Shop is a place where it's products which were grown, produced and sent from Highland of Thailand to each store freshly or processed goods.

Since Malindo airline flight was at Don Mueang Airport, by opportunities we visited The Royal Project Shop to get some souvenirs!

 Located beside Departure Gate.

Olive leaf extract lotion (50 Baht). I bought this to try! Watery base and non sticky. Convenient for lady to put in hand bag and apply whenever needed.

Dried Guava Slices. I like this so much. I can taste guava flesh and not too sweet. Thumb up. 👍

Dried Mango Slices. A must buy. I can eat the mango flesh and it's not dried at all. Different from other dried mango slices in the market I tried before. 💓

Pumpkin Crackers. Crispy cracker rich with pumpkin taste. 2 thumb up! 😋👍👍

Enoki Mushroom Crackers!!! Not usually can be found in market! I love this too! 😋

My 1st tried on The Royal Project Project Shop didn't disappointing me! I would say I will buy their dried fruits snacks and crackers in BULKSSS on my next visit! Not to forget their famous royal milk tablet as well.


My last cup of yummilicious Thai Milk Tea before departure!

DMK Airport (Terminal 1, 3rd Fl.), Don Mueang, Bangkok, Thailand.

Opening Hour:

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