Friday, 2 December 2016

Palladium Night Market, Watergate Pavillion Night Market & Hidden Gem Pork Organ Soup

Our first night at BKK, we planned to do some shopping at Palladium Mall night market and dinner at Pratunam Watergate Chicken Rice since it's just across the road.

We passing by a street which full of massage shop nearby Watergate Pavillion. By chance, we saw an alley which 500m away from Palladium Mall, a stall running by a family which selling soup noodles and mainly visits by local.

Beverage selling at only 10baht per glass! They are selling: Drinks Roselle, Longan Juice, Red Water (Sirap) & Cool Milk (Sirap with Milk).

The owner (uncle) is speaking thai. He's selling pork meat and organ soup. You can choose to have noodles or rice.

 Traditional hawker stall saw on some Thai short movie ads.

 Type of noodles: Kuay (square/triangular shape noodles) & Meehon

While waiting for our noodles to arrive, we ordered Roselle drinks & Longan Juice (10baht) each. Surprisingly both of our drinks were refreshing and good. Decided to take away another bag of Roselle when leaving. Crushed ice is a plus point for this chilling drinks!

My bowl of pork meat and pork organ soup noodles ( zu zap tong with noodles) (40baht). Pipping hot soup was flavorful yet clear. Generous portion of fresh ingredient. For my liking, i would say it taste heavenly delicious. It's a MUST VISIT for pork organ soup fans!πŸ’“

 Add on based on your own preference flavor.

 Small table with good food

If you want to look for this stall, look for this white color signage on wall of the alley, located beside massage shop.

Left side before enter into alley

I would say this stall is a hidden gem! A small stall which serving yummy authentic pork meat and pork organ soup, not to forget their Roselle drinks! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

 **Note that this bowl of pipping hot soup noodles will cause you sweating like you just finished Body Combat! πŸ‘Š Advice that wear singlet and shorts to come here!

After my satisfying dinner, we went to Palladium night market and Watergate Pavillion night market. I skipped Palladium Night Market for my post because it's exactly same as my last visit on Year 2015, you can get some pretty clothes at reasonable price here. Not to forget the handmade passport holder and diary too!

Watergate Pavillion night market before back to hotel.

There's some stalls selling handmade keychain, shoes, bags, clothes, mango and coconut drinks etc.

This stall is selling special handmade key chain at 49baht each. You can choose the design you like and put your name on the key chain.

Souvenirs for friends!

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