Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Restaurant Yen Yen A One @ Old Klang Road

During Sunday, woke up late for brunch and Dim Sum was crossed my mind. We always go to Restaurant Jin Xuan @ Kuchai Lama but their food quality was not consistent, prefer Puchong branch. 

We were lazy to drive far away to Puchong... We heard that recently Restaurant Yen Yen A One @ Old Klang Road was quite famous and highly recommended by some Facebook food lovers group, why not we give a try?

Yen Yen A One Restaurant was a typical Chinese Restaurant located at Old Klang Road, selling Chinese dishes and Dim Sum. What make them special they were selling Dim Sum 24/7 with a single price tag at RM 3 only!

Wide variety of Dim Sum from steamed, stewed, deep fried, porridge & Cheong Fun. Once we seated, we ordered Hot Chinese Tea and after we flagged our hand for awhile, finally a staff brought us their order slip.

Siew Mai with Salted Egg Yolk. A little piece of salted egg yolk inside siew mai. Taste normal.

Fish & Pork Roll. The sauce taste alike Thai Chili Sauce. This was yummy.

Prawn Cheong Fun. A layer of Cheong Fun with some prawn cube inside. Soy sauce was a bit salty. Sambal paste was ok. However, the single layer of Cheong Fun was not satisfying.

Stuffed Egg Plant. This dish was my all time favorite. It's quite delicious to be eaten together with Chili and sweet sauce.

Fried Yam Dumpling.

The yam filling was very thin and the BBQ Pork was a bit too sweet. Crispy and overall it's ok.

Shrimp Dumpling in Angelica (Dong Guai) Soup. 

The dumpling was not up to standard but still acceptable. Angelica soup was very strong Dong Guai flavor.

Creamy Custard Bun.

Thumb up for the salted egg yolk custard. But too disappointing with the bun. The bun was very hard and dry. 

Char Siew Pau.

Char Siew fillings was quite generous but slightly too sweet for our preference. The bun was having same problem as Custard bun which was very dry and hard.

Deep Fried Carrot Cake. Generous portion but we barely can taste carrot cake flavor and it's too sticky. Perhaps too much rice flour added.

Conclusion, the food here was very affordable and value for money, probably 1 of the cheapest Dim Sum around KL & PJ area. Eat whatever you want and no need to worry about the bill that would burn a hole in pocket. Meanwhile, the food was just average and advise that do not come here with high expectation. You get what you pay for.

Food - 2/5
Price - 4/5 
Service - 2.5/5
Ambiance - 2.5/5


 No. 233 & 235, 4th Mile Old Klang Road, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-7984 5972

Daily. 24 hours.

Have Laollao before Monday Blue to cheer up abit! =D


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