Friday, 4 December 2015

IKEA Cheras @ Jalan Cochrane



IKEA opened it's 2nd Malaysian outlet in Cheras, Jalan Cochrane. This new outlet will be the biggest yet in Malaysia with an overall store size that is 20% larger than IKEA Damansara.
We paid our visit on the 1st weekend of it's grand opening because Kenny was urging to pay a visit there! The traffic was super duper heavy and congested in IKEA which was expected.

Show unit is much more varieties compared to Damansara outlet due to it's bigger store size.

Beautiful show unit! Can I have this pls =D

Elegance bathroom design!


After some walk around show units, we decided to have our late brunch first before continue to explore!

Well... We did lined up for our turn to get in IKEA Restaurant... around 10 mins... crazily crowded everywhere.

Kenny the hungry one, bought this table of food for me and him... 2 person sharing... LOL

Salmon with hollandaise sauce, boiled potatoes and long beans (RM 16.90). Salmon was fresh but abit over-cooked. Hollandaise sauce was tasteless, disappointing. I noticed that some of the salmon was very thin but luckily my salmon slice given was considered as quite thick.

Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce, side with Mashed Potatoes and Jam. ( RM6 for 5pieces ; RM12 for 10 pieces ; RM15 for 15 pieces ; RM18 FOR 20 pieces). Irresistible for Kenny whenever he paid visit to IKEA.

Baked Chicken Leg (RM13.90). Baked whole chicken leg with herbs sauce, side with mashed potatoes and cooked carrot slices.

Chicken leg taste plain while the sauce taste odd for both of us. Personally feel that the sauces here for salmon and chicken leg both were taste slightly different and odd if compared to what we had previously in Damansara outlet.

Mushroom soup (RM4.20).  Mushroom soup was okay with reasonable crushed mushroom, nothing to shout about.

 Chicken Spring Roll (RM 1 each). Chicken Spring Roll was very crunchy with some minced chicken and vege inside.

Add on fries (RM4.20). Dry and thin fries. Definitely a NONO next time.

Almond Cake (RM6.30). This was our all time favourite! Layer of crushed almond with not too sweet cream. Best after meal dessert in IKEA.

Last but not least. Not to forget get ourselves HOTDOG BREAD before leaving! It just cost RM2. I have to highlight that their hotdog outer layer was crunchy and crispy, which was long lost in IKEA Damansara.

Bought this little wooden table (RM29.90) and comfy pillow (RM25.90). =D

Overall, we were happy with our first time visit here but we prefer Damansara IKEA which bring us feel comfortable and nicer food serves.

 2A, Jalan Cochrane, 55100, Cheras, KL.

Mon - Thurs ( 9.30am till 10pm )
Fri  - Sun       ( 9.30am till 11pm )

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